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Checkpoint is a point where Claw respawns when he looses a life if at least one life remained. When the player dies he will be respawned on the last checkpoint flag that has been activated. If still no any one was activated Claw will simply respawn at the starting location. Visually the checkpoints appear as silver flagstaff with Jolly Roger flag attached to it. When activated the flag will start playing its animation frames.

There is also another type of checkpoint in the game, which is called Super checkpoint or Save point. It looks like golden flagstaff with the same flag and not only serves as a respawn point but will remember the player's inventory state, score, health, lives and munition, so the players will be able to load the game from load menu starting with the same state they played earlier. Every level in the game has two Save points. The levels in the game are designed so that player could no longer visit the previous areas that precede a save point. The second save point is normally placed near the end of the level, so the second part is the shortest. When the flag is activated, the game will print a message "Your game has been saved". If the player used cheats in the game the game will not be saved, and the game will print another message reading "Your game has NOT been saved".