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Level08: Shipyards is the eighth level in Captain Claw. It follows Docks and precedes Pirate Cove. The level features Bear Sailors, Red Tail Pirates and Seagulls. Punk Rats, being not seen for long time since Battlements, are also present.

The player has to fight Gabriel at the end of the level who will drop the foutrh gem (red) after being defeated.

Level description Edit

The setting of the level is ship workplace at night. The player fights through multiple ships until the last needed one which is guarded by Gabriel. The level is devided into bottom (sea) and sky area, the latter of which he will also visit often when climbing and walking on the ships' masts.

Enemies description Edit

Red tail pirates wear the same red clothes but they have darker skin. Bear Sailors wear the same uniforms and caps of white color but the stripes on the uniform and caps' tallies are red on this level rather than purple.

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