Punk Rat Edit

A similar unit to the simple rat it can be found in levels such as the Battlements and Shipyards. They use a cannon, a tactic opposed to the normal rat which has as a favourite weapon the hand grenade. One of the advantages of the unit is that it fires at a regular 3 seconds a cannonball. One drawback though is that in most levels they are protected by powerful units such as soldiers and bear sailors.

Punk Rat
List of enemies
Level01: La Roca: Officer . Soldier . Rat

Level02: The Battlements: Officer . Soldier . Punk Rat . Le Rauxe
Level03: The Footpath: Cut Throat . Robber Thief . Rat
Level04: The Dark Woods: Cut Throat . Robber Thief . Rat . Ketherine
Level05: The Township: Town Guard . Seagull
Level06: Puerto Lobos: Town Guard . Seagull . Rat . Wolvington
Level07: Docks: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Seagull . Hermit Crab
Level08: Shipyards: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Seagull . Gabriel
Level09: Pirates Cove: Crazy Hook . Pegleg . Seagull
Level10: Cliffs: Crazy Hook . Pegleg . Seagull . Marrow
Level11: Caverns: Mercat . Siren . Fish
Level12: Undersea Caves: Mercat . Siren . Fish . Aquatis
Level13: Tiger Island: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Chameleon . Red Tail
Level14: The Temple: Tiger Guard . Chameleon . Omar

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